Rio Fredrika

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With Italian heritage, 21 year old Londoner Rio Fredrika can currently be seen presenting on UNILAD and MTV.

She caught the attention of Media Guru’s UNILAD in 2015 and began hosting some of their online content. Thrown in at the deep end, her first interviews were with Jack Whitehall and actor Idris Elba which racked up 1.5 million views each. Rio has taken part in challenges such as ‘The Chilli Challenge’ and “The Anechoic Chamber Challenge” which tested how long she could last in one of the world’s most quiet rooms (she endured 1 hour and 7 mins, the longest anyone has stayed in the chamber).

Summer 2016 saw Rio make her MTV debut presenting MTV News video, MTV Crashes Plymouth and V Festival backstage. In 2017 she co – hosted MTV The Grind in Malta for over 1 million viewers on Facebook Live. She also covered Live X Live’s content of Paléo Festival in Switzerland.

With her flaming red hair and striking looks, Rio was signed to Models 1 at the age of 14 which has seen her travel around the world modelling for brands such as Adidas, LOreal, ASOS and

She has also worked with the likes of New Look and other clothing brands as a social media influencer.

Rio also hosts events including a regular music night for Tape London and lends her voice to brands such as KFC.

  • MTV Crashes Plymouth (MTV)
  • The Grind (MTV)
  • Paléo Festival, Nyon (LIVE X LIVE)

Watch Rio’s UNILAD Anechoic Chamber Challenge

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