Oscar Edmondson

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Breed: West Highland White Terrier  | Age: 4 years old | Height: 18″ / 45cm | Waist: 21″ / 54cm  | Size: M  | Fur: White   | Eyes: Brown

You may recognize Oscar from his frequent appearances on companion and frequent collaborator Matt Edmondson’s Instagram, but despite his high profile persona on social media his real passion lies in home security; he can most often be found guarding his back garden domain with grace and courage from squirrels, cats and foxes. He would do anything for a freshly opened can of tennis balls and is fully devoted to “Red Bull,” a red Beanie Baby bull with whom he is in a long term relationship.

Fun facts / special skills:

He loves a bit of dance music- http://instagram.com/p/uu6lU_nAEG/

His best dog-friend is a Jack Russel called Harry.

He likes using other people’s heads as a pillow.

He can give a ‘high five’ on request.