Archie Manners

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23 year old magician Archie Manners is the star of a new Channel 4 special “Look Into My Eyes” which will air later this year.
This comedic prank show sees Archie deploying his powers of hypnotism to twist the minds of young Brits so that they act in extraordinary ways.

Hampshire born Archie started performing magic at the age of 4 after receiving a magic-set from his godmother.
As a 12 year-old he started getting paid to perform and he joined the Magic Circle at the age of 18.

Archie studied Politics at Bristol University which as he puts it was “great training for lying to strangers” and he has also carved himself a niche as the Establishment’s magician-of-choice, regularly entertaining the Prime Minister, MP’s (The House of Commons is his 02 Arena) and members of the Royal Family.

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